👋Welcome to Metis Unicorn !

"The unofficial yet official mascot of Metis 🌿 🦄"

$UNICORN is a deflationary meme token with the goal to create several products under its name and branding which will generate fees that will be used to buy and burn $UNICORN, the unicorn meme is actively promoted by the official Metis twitter account making it the official mascot of Metis.

NOTE: Please remember that Metis Unicorn's documentation, including this GitBook, may be updated periodically to provide you with the most current information. Keep this in mind when referring to our documentation for the latest details.

REMEMBER: No Metis Unicorn team members will never reach out to you first. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

COMMUNITY: Join our Telegram & Twitter to get important announcements, updates and interact with the team and other community members.

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